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We have finally decided on a name for our place that carries meaning for us from our past, present and future business ideals.   Growing Phases Farm is our new name and although we haven’t  started officially doing business the name is in place!
I have set up a Facebook page where I will be writing about happenings on the Farm and I am keeping my fingers crossed we can find a good internet connection here.   We are pretty remote and most carriers don’t reach us.

We start this new Phase of our lives with 4 dogs, 2 chickens and encouragement from each other.

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Thoughts on one of my favorite things in the world ...

Gardening definitely is Labor and I have to admit straight from the heart it IS connected somehow to Love.   Not the love you feel for another person or your pet - it is more of a feeling that takes hold of your person and engulfs your body .... forcing you to think, act and talk Garden all the time.   

The best and most refreshing part is that when you think, act and talk garden you become animated and “love” every little part of this garden labor you are involved with; be it weeding (yes, there is glory in yanking those weeds from the soil) or saving the seed you finally figured out where it hides or just standing there meticulously watering every space that needs a soak of H2O.
The more I garden I do realize there are challenges and this could be a huge underlying fascination with the whole idea of gardening.   It’s not something to be taken lightly - there is a rhyme and reason connected to gardening.
The garden harvest is the ultimate labor of love and sharing with others is total bliss.   It doesn’t stop when the frost sets in - in fact, that intensifies all things garden.   It is time to plan and organize your thoughts and reflect on the previous season ... realize what worked and what didn’t.
You really don’t have to be accountable.   If the bugs ate your lettuce or the bunnies dined on your beans - it’s really not the end of the world and not your fault.  Of course, you can fence things in or ... let nature take its course ... it’s all up to you. 
All you really have to do is embrace your love of gardening and enjoy every laboring moment!