Monday, August 1, 2011

Loving Zinnias

This year I planted several different varieties of Zinnia since the flower grows so easily and the colors really are a pleasure to look at and are quite refreshing in this hot summer heat.   Renee’s Garden has a nice selection which is where I obtained my seeds and they are flourishing.   Polar Bear (a heirloom zinnia)  is white and very beautiful!

Bling Bling Zinnia is blooming away sending vibrant orange, yellow and a violet/purple color flowers out to grace the garden.

Granny’s Bouquet, another heirloom zinnia, Blue Point Bouquet and Persian Carpet all were planted this season as well.   I really am enjoying all the color and freshness these flowers offer.   Make sure to plant some Zinnia in your garden.
I have been watching the birds and all their amazing activity as they stop to feast on the bird seed and charm their way around the area keeping a keen eye out for the big ole chickens that visit the area frequently to clean up all the fallen seed.

I captured the female (bluebird) indigo bunting; notice the blue on her chest.   Females are not as colorful as their counterparts the male bird.   

The Purple Martin family seem to have moved on - we haven’t seen them around for the past week or so.   They should return next year to start yet another family and the youngsters also return to start their own families a few miles away.

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