Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Most Awesome Burger

Forgive me for not taking photos of this awesome burger but I really didn't think of taking my camera along.   We headed out to tidy up a few errands - forwarding mail, hardware store parts, talking to the cell phone people....all things that need to be done before a move.   Funny how little things that need to be done keep popping up.   We decided to eat out for lunch knowing this would be one of the last times dining in this neighborhood, and after all this hard work of late, we deserved a treat!

A good burger was on the agenda and let me tell you there are plenty of eating establishments around here ... people, cars and long lines to go along with it!   We wanted to try something new and we finally decided on the place.   We ordered and found our table.   We waited for the highly expensive lunch to arrive.   I always order gearing my choice toward the healthy side and this burger decision was no different.   I saw apples mentioned and took the plunge.   Now when this burger arrived, the top half of the bun had 3 slices of green apple laying atop it (a bit tart so thinking Granny Smith) and I immediately thought that's not right and was going to pick them off and just eat them.   I changed my mind, left them in their place and put the burger together...then gave it a bite!  

WOW!!!   Talk about delicious ..... along with the good quality beef, the apple slices, the carmelized onion and the brie cheese this burger was Awesome!   Now hubby was not impressed since he ordered the basic burger with fries and for the price thought it was, on the other hand thought the burger was well worth it and would recommend it to those who will still be living around there and it will definitely be my burger of choice when I come back to visit.

Glad I decided to leave those apple slices alone and try something new and different!   I am thinking there will be much more of the "new and different" facing us in the upcoming months and I am excited for the move!

(photo where the awesome burger should be!)

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