Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Butterfly Watching

You may have noticed in previous posts my mentions of birds and photos I am able to capture of these amazing little creatures.   I actually have several feeders set up right outside one of the windows where I sit while on the computer.    It's a bit distracting since something seems to always be happening out there and I end up grabbing my camera and running outside or, if I am lucky, catching a good shot from inside.

Last year my son stopped at a book sale and brought home a Butterfly book and I have been enchanted ever since.   This time of year there seems to be quite a fluttering of wings flying about.
Monarch on Autumn Beauty Sedum

Tough shot to capture since they open their wings only for a few seconds - camera needs to be set in focus and ready ...
Straight on head shot ... wondering what she's thinking!

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