Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Growing Broomcorn and Birthday Gifts

Last year I grew Broomcorn, saved the seeds and planted more this year.   I find growing unique plants amazing and certainly a learning experience.   Broomcorn's sole reason for growing is to make brooms and whiskbrooms.   It does take a whole LOT of these stalks to make just one broom and there is quite a bit of hand labor involved.
This is the little patch I have growing and I thought it took rather long to finally send up those broom parts.   The seeds that grow on that part need to be removed (this is the labor intensive part).   I did a bit of researching and found the following fact very interesting, especially since I am located in Illinois.

For years, east-central Illinois was the largest producer with 60,000 acres under cultivation in 1935. At present, only a small acreage is grown but it yields most of the seed planted in other states. Illinois is still a center for broom factories and broomcorn dealers with large plants in several downstate cities and Chicago. 
Very cool
On another note I want to share with you what I decided to make with the Fabric that I distressed and scented a while back...the Grunge Look.   I embroidered the words Dream - Believe - Create - Inspire and then cut out the heart pattern.
Attached two together and stuffed with a bit of cotton batting, added a ribbon hanger and have them all ready (I made 2 sets) to mail out to Mom and Sis who both celebrate a birthday this Thursday!
The neatest part of these decorations is the smell - it is Awesome!  Cinnamon - Coffee .... fills the whole room and I really hope they enjoy them!
p.s.  Mom if you read this before they arrive ...well, HAPPY Birthday! Love you!


  1. LOOOOOVE this gift ideas! What a great idea! And I loved reading about Broomcorn....I had never even heard of it! I always enjoy your posts, Debbie :-)

  2. Wow that is so cool to grow Broomcorn. I have never even heard of it until now. I wonder if it would grow in Central, CA? How super cute all your projects are. I am going to check out the link up / recipes. Thanks for stopping in!