Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yummy Honey and our New Etsy Team

Now that the holiday activity has calmed down I can take a short breather and reflect on the fast paced and fun end of the year that just rushed by!   Our Handmade Circle group on Facebook is growing daily and during December we had a Secret Santa event which turned out to be a fantastic way to get to know our members!  We each made a wish list (Etsy treasury) with items we would like and I had several honey items included on my list.  We plan on keeping bees and have ordered 2 hives that should arrive within the next week or so.  The bees will follow in the Spring and we will be receiving about 10,000 per hive!
My Secret Santa, who was revealed when my precious gift arrived, was Jayne Willis from Twiggy & Opal shop on Etsy.  She has a beautiful shop and is a beautiful person to go along with it!  Thank you once again for the honey gift IS delicious!!!  The honey mustard that came along with it is also remarkable!
The Handmade Circle group is expanding as I mentioned and we just recently created a Fanpage for members to post a daily listing and a place for the public to have a look at our handmade items.  A new Team Handmade Circle on Etsy was also created earlier this week and is going strong.  We will be hosting our first BNR as a Team tonight .... can't wait.  If you would like to read what a BNR is and the detail to go along with the one tonight - we have a few blog postings over at our Handmade Circle blog with all the information! Do stop by and just watch if you are curious how these work!!

Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead with my Bees, Gardens and all my HMC buddies :-))

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