Monday, July 11, 2011

Bird Fascination

Purple Martins in flight ... these birds are amazing to watch as they glide across the water and soar through the sky putting on a magical show for all to watch.   This is the first year we are able to witness baby purple martins as they grow.
Aren't they adorable??   I did count 5 purple martins on the wire one morning but later in the day I counted 7 soaring around - either they had visitors or there are more babies than I thought!

We recently purchased a new camera and I find myself spending more time trying to capture some great photos and birds seem to be a fascinating subject to watch.   They can be tricky to capture in a photo since they move around quite a bit and often fly off before I can get my click in.   I have set up a bird feeder outside the window where I often sit and plan to add a birdbath and some bushes around to give them shelter.   Some colorful visitors did stop by and I was able to capture them ...
 Indigo Bunting or as I like to call him "the bluebird of happiness"!   
Female with lighter colors and the male a deeper yellow - American Goldfinch
This guy, a Tufted Titmouse, I found very quick and I consider him "cute" with those big eyes!

I will be on the lookout for more interesting and fascinating birds to share.   What types of birds are in your area and do you take time to sit and watch them?

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