Friday, August 5, 2011

Finches Feasting and the Watermelon

The American Gold Finch is a very bright yellow and they blend in well when feasting on the sunflower seeds which are plentiful this time of year.   The female is a paler yellow but she can be spotted perched on the stalks and flowers swaying back and forth as she enjoys herself.   I ordered a couple of larger, edible sunflower seeds to plant for next year and will see how many we can grow for our own enjoyment.   I did read to protect the seeds from the birds you will have to wait until the petals fall off and the center of the flower starts to dry down, then you cover the flower head with a brown bag while the entire center dries out.   The bag will protect the seeds from the birds.

The basil is thriving in this heat and humidity and tonight's dinner will be a light pasta dish using some along with zucchini and yellow squash.   The little yellow flower poking out of the basil is a Moon and Stars watermelon and hopefully will produce another melon like the one shown below.

Moon and Stars melon is delicious with a sweet cool flavor and tons of seeds!   The melon and the leaves have yellow spots showered all over and usually there is one larger spot known as the Moon.

I will be moving the Garlic Giveaway date up to August 12th to announce the winner since we will be heading out of town and in the process of moving.   I will mail the garlic out to the winner on August 15th.   The internet service where we are heading is not reliable and until I find a better service, it will be hit or miss with posting.   I will be adding another page to the blog called "Frankie's Page" and also a Facebook page for him.   Make sure to check back and see what that is all about!

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