Sunday, August 7, 2011

Introducing Frankie, Augie and Billie Jo

I mentioned in the last post I was going to create a page for Frankie on Facebook and also a page for weekly updates on the blog.   Once we return to the country home after this last trip we will have an easier time scheduling posts and an even easier time once we find a good internet service provider.   Frankie will be the voice behind a dog’s eye view of our new country life....he is quite the character and I am sure a good story teller!
This past week we did spend some time fishing - the first time all summer!   A dozen bluegill were caught and cleaned for a nice light dinner and “the one that got away” was Huge!   I was thinking in my head that I should move to the land and off the dock because if I do catch a big fish, it can go under the dock and be impossible to net.   Well, thinking and doing are 2 different things and I thought but didn’t do.   That is exactly what happened - the big ole fish was a smart one and is still swimming around in the lake....he swam under the dock and finally managed to break the line.
"oh well"

Augie and Frankie both have full run of the property and by day’s end they are quite exhausted.
Billie is still too young and I fear she will get lost and the coyotes will find her before she finds her own way home.   Soon we will let her have a few runs and see how she does.

Frankie, Augie and Billie Jo are anxiously waiting to live at their new country home full-time and that will happen real soon!

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