Monday, August 8, 2011

Intruders on the Farm

There is a whole new cast of characters who take up residence on the farm and some are quite amazing.   The typical bugs we are used to seeing are much bigger and some are downright scary looking!   The lake does bring wildlife from far and near and Frankie always seems to spot critters and creatures that we may not notice.   Here a mother turtle was laying eggs ...
This past week he actually dug up a mole and I have to admit that is a great find in itself.   The moles dig many tunnels around the property and stepping down where they have tunneled is not fun.   I have read that moles are harmless to the garden plants even though they make a mess - it's the voles that eat the roots of plants, not moles.   The moles will eat the grubs and their channeling through the clay soil actually helps to break it up and loosen things up a bit.   So we simply relocated this little mole out to the forest and wished it well.   Now the baby snake he spotted in the garage I was tempted to give to the chickens, but they do good also.   They will eat mice and we do have mice that make their way into the garage and into the house.... Eeeks!   (quite often I might add).   I can say a barn cat or two is on my future wish list.
Frankie and girlfriend Billie Jo on the lookout for more intruders!

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