Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogfrog Community - Do you have one yet?

Normally on Friday here at the blog Frankie will post about his week and what’s going on around the new property.  Today though I decided to add a post about Blogfrog!  I could let Frankie discuss but the only frogs he is familiar with are these little guys out by the lake ...
So while Frankie is out searching for his little friends I will discuss my New Community at Blogfrog and how you can make your own to meet some interesting friends.
If you are a regular blog reader you may have noticed the widget on some blogs popping up more and more.  The widget is inviting you to “Join a Community” – you can see mine over in the right-hand column.  As with anything new I was skeptical to just run off and Join something, but once I started to investigate this new Blogfrog website, I was hooked!  First off all … it is free and the concept behind Blogfrog is that you can build your own Community of like-minded people and join other communities that interest you.  In the beginning it is a bit confusing, but once you start spending some time there you figure out how things work.   If you have a question, ask and I will attempt to answer if I know.  I signed up about a week ago so I am quite new.

In the Communities there are tabs for Welcome – Forums – Blog posts – Members to get you started.  If you join a Community or create your own all your blog posts (like this one) will appear it that section along with all the members in that Community.  You can scroll through all the blog posts once a day and catch up with members.  The Forum or Discussion section has Topics you create or others create and then everyone jumps in and participates.  Members is a list of all the people who have joined the community.  You can visits profiles and see who is Following and who they Follow. 

There is a Search function so you can find what you are interested in easily.  The main page shows Communities, People and Current Activity. 

It definitely is much more personal than other social networks and it’s up to You how you want your Community to look and where to take it.  I still have lots to learn since I have only one week’s experience under my belt, but I started a Discussion on How To … Create your page designs, so that should help me and the members in my Community.

Stop over and check it out … it’s pretty cool!  You don’t have to Create your own Community, you can just be a Member and meet some like-minded people like me!  If there is something you would like added like a Discussion/Topic or a Group, please let me know.... Let's have some FUN!

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