Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Captured Corn Harvest on Video

I am excited to share this video of our neighbors harvesting corn Corn harvest <---click for the video.    The dogs were getting all jumpy since these machines are a bit noisy and we knew the corn was coming down.   I think it's a bit early but it is dry as all heck and the stalks have been brown for a while now.   I glanced out the window and grabbed the camera - I really didn't expect to catch this video!   Happy to report that it did upload to the computer (that was a first with this satellite connection).   The other camera and laptop will not allow me to upload videos.  I did a little reading and someone suggested downloading Google Chrome (which I was able to do on the desktop) and that seemed to be the ticket!

So look for some exciting videos in the future ... doesn't that just make your day!
Have a Great One!

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