Saturday, September 10, 2011

Defining your Crafting Style

I have been working all week on my first design with fabric art and I am happy to announce that I have finished it...  Hooray and Whew!   I didn't realize how much thought goes into the design and was figuring I would breeze right through this.   As I sat looking at the fabric colors and etching in my mind my plan, I decided I needed a step by step plan if I was to move forward from the "thinking" stage.
1.  Create the design using stencils, paper cutouts and fabric scraps
2.  Work the saying into the design
3.  Choose colors for each design element (this took forever!)
4.  Decide on final positioning  
5.  Determine the techniques to use to assemble all pieces
Really the most difficult part of this process was trying to convey a feeling or emotion with the colors and design.   I didn't want to just throw it all together; instead I wanted to share a sense of warmth, calmness and a reassuring tone with the final outcome.   That would be where the artistic flair would seem to kick in - the act of portraying what you are feeling through the media you are working with.   I kept asking hubby for advice and he finally said ... You're the artist, why keep asking me?  That could have been the little nudge I needed to 
... Just Create ...
"In My Garden ... I Dream"
I have been studying many of the shops on Etsy and hope to open my own in a few weeks.   I am trying to define my crafting style and there isn't just one look that draws me in - a combination of sorts seems to fit; be it vintage, country with some modern twists, distressed, antiqued or even earthy!
Do you have a crafting style of your own or one you are drawn to?
Any experience with an Etsy shop?

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