Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday with Frankie 9/9

Friday already - sure was a quick week; the holiday weekend probably had something to do with that.   The weather was still very hot and dry until last Saturday - it turned downright chilly outside!   I actually prefer the cooler weather and enjoy basking in the sun on these beautiful fall-like days.   The AC has been turned off and a few windows open to let that fresh air breeze on in.   I need to enjoy it now since I hear it is suppose to heat up again in a few days.
With Fall right around the corner I notice some of our Pumpkin Pie pumpkins and winter squash being processed and oh... those seeds!   I could clean that tray in 5 seconds flat if no one was looking, but I must mind my manners.   I hear some serious baking is going to take place tomorrow - cookies, breads, pies .... oh my - I will sit and drool.

There has been alot of noisy activity this week - the neighbor farmer harvested his corn with those huge machines that are very loud and they look like some gigantic monster - I stayed clear out of the way.   The other neighbor has been busy with his chainsaw clearing a fallen tree ... I actually went and checked on him and barked.   He heats his house all winter long with a wood stove and he will be taking some dead trees from our property in a few weeks.   I will probably bark again.

News is there has been a cougar sighting in the area - like right in our neck of the woods.   One of the hunter neighbors actually came eye to eye with it....I have a feeling I would be no match for a cougar.   I just hope I remember that if I happen to see one prowling around the property.
Stretch ....
Yawn ....
and down for the count!
I sure hope everyone had a fantastic week themselves and lets all dive into the week ahead
---- after a nap, of course ----
Fantabulous view across the field

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