Friday, September 2, 2011

Frankie the new dog in town

Today is September 2 and it’s been a fast 2 weeks that just went by!   Tomorrow is the official arrival at 2 weeks since we moved here and still no rain.   You have no idea how dry it is ... Dry!
 I check the level of the water daily out at the pond but it keeps going lower and lower.   There is plenty in that big bathtub so there are no real worries, but rain would be very nice.
I have been really riled up the last few nights and wake the whole household up frantically barking at the coyotes outside.   I don’t know why they think they have any rights to travel through here yelping and making all that ridiculous high pitch bark or whatever they think it is.   The last 3 nights I have had to outbark them and wake the whole household up - they do move on and one of these nights I hope to catch a glimpse of them.

There is one other adjustment I keep trying to make but it is tough.   These snake skins - they totally freak me out.

I stand and bark at them but they don’t move ... so what’s a dog to do.
Billie Jo did have me worried a few times when she was let out to run.   She actually took off and we couldn’t see her - I really feared she was gone for good, but she did come home.   That’s my girl!
I sure hope everyone has had an exciting week themselves and I guess I need to just relax and enjoy my new surroundings ... it is pretty cool actually.  

 I think I just need to let the wildlife peeps out here know that Frankie is the new dog in town!

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