Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting to know the area

Although we have owned this home for several years now it has been considered the second home for us.   When we came here we would spend the entire time here, at the home, and only venture out for small errands that came up.   We didn’t realize the “real” impact that a holiday weekend has on the area until this afternoon.   Two main attractions which are nearby are the Stephen Forbes State Park and Carlyle Lake (the biggest manmade lake in Illinois).   This being Labor Day weekend .... well, you can image the people visiting this area.   Labor Day is considered by many to be the official end of summer and campgrounds throughout the state are humming with activity.   
Needless to say our trip to town was crowded.   The main reason I wanted to go was to visit the Farmer’s Market and we walked away with some tomatoes and corn.   We are seriously considering selling our garden produce at market next year and have been checking out the local farmer’s markets.   Up north they are different.   It really is amazing the many differences between the areas - a 5 hour drive, but a whole world apart.
I have been busy organizing my craft area and working on a new project ... fabric art has always fascinated me and now I can actually settle down and create.   I never wanted to start a project and then leave it for weeks at a time - it kind of ruins the creative mojo.   I do have a shop at one of the online marketplaces but am seriously considering opening an Etsy shop - anyone have experience with this out there?
I do have to share my nature photo of the day - a big ole Katydid.

These insects are similar to the grasshopper but he didn’t take off the minute he saw me.   I think he rather enjoyed the photo shoot and was willing to show off his leaf-like appearance ... quite amazing actually.

...and check out those super cool yellow eyes ....sci-fi all the way!

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