Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Short Attention Span and Woodpeckers

Nature does it to me every time!   This morning I ventured out to the garden to check on progress and first I would like to share with you something I did and advise you not to do it.   Since it is extremely hot here I thought I would take dry cut grass from the compost pile and cover the area around the newly planted and sprouted beans to help them retain water.
Here they are after 10 days looking good except for the 2 that were chewed down at the base of their stem by (I am guessing) something that was in the dry grass I so lovingly piled around the plants or maybe cutworms who love to prey on baby sprouts.   I removed the dry grass and whispered a quiet sorry. 

As I was out accessing the garden area I kept getting interrupted by the splish splash from the pond or rather the thud thud from large fish jumping for food - it's really mind boggling when you actually see the fish that thudded ... you think ... did I actually just see that?   So this first distraction makes me run to grab my fishing pole, bait, net, etc. etc. since I am feeling confident that I will bring home dinner this evening.

Tossing the line in along the shore was calming and a nice change of pace from my morning routine.   After a good 15 minutes - distraction number 2 kicks in - over in the right far corner of the pond there are birds making a loud rukus.   I think "those birds sure are having quite the party" and run for my camera.
I start clicking away since there is so much activity not realizing until I uploaded the pictures that there seems to be a Blue Jay intruding on the Red-headed Woodpeckers territory.   I counted at least 5 or 6 woodpeckers darting back and forth and did my best to catch their magnificent colors on film.
Scanning my bird book, I read that this bird is the only Illinois woodpecker with an entirely red head.   No wonder they were such a distraction .... well, that and the noise.
So much for distractions ... where was I now?

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