Monday, September 5, 2011

Late Bloomer and Bee with Pollen

Remember the birdseed I planted and posted about last week?   There are some lovely late blooming sunflowers making their debut and they are most welcome!   Wasn't expecting that but it makes perfect sense since there are sunflower seeds in the bird food.

I spotted a honey bee feasting on one of the clusters of seeds and noticed the pollen sac on her hind leg.

If you look close you can see the yellow sac - actually it is quite large compared to the size of the bee.   I would never have noticed this in the past had I not read a post not too long ago where someone has taken pictures of the same pollen sac and explained what it was.   I would have thought it was something stuck to the bee - but, alas, there is a very important purpose for it.
Thank you person out there who posted about this, sorry I can't give you proper credit, but you did good!   Hubby didn't even know about this and he watches Discovery all the time.   Of course I felt very scientifically clever after showing off my photos.

Although it still has not rained here it has cooled off immensely - even tempted to pull out the jeans and jacket today.   We did plant the peas hoping for a fall harvest before the frost arrives.   They do require a cooler temperature so hoping this cool-off is enough and stays right where it is!

Grow Peas Grow!

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