Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saving Seed - Zinnia Flower

Zinnias from the Garden

The Zinnia in the garden did beautifully this year and I have to say it is a real trooper.   We missed watering it in the early and mid-summer months and it kept right on blooming.   I just recently brought some in the house to enjoy since I wanted as many as possible to grow to the point where I could save the seed for next year.   I plan to plant Zinnias all over the property and have Zinnias galore!

This purple pink color is definitely my favorite - it says "Happy" to me all the way!   Big flowers with big blooms.

The flowers above started to die down so I clipped them and below you can see where the seed is.   Pull the petals out from the flower center and on the bottom of the petal is the seed.   You can discard the dried petal and save the seed for next year.   Maybe I will start a few seeds indoors and see what happens.   It would be terrific to have these bright balls of color blooming in the middle of winter .... Great Idea!

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