Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday with Frankie 9/16

Great Week and the weather sure did a flip flop on us here ... from the 90s to the 40s in record time!
Billie Jo has been doing remarkably well on her free runs (no leash) and staying close to home.   This I am thankful for since we talked with another neighbor and he said there have been numerous cougar sightings not just the one.   I must remember to stay aware when running around the property... I really don't want to run into one of those cats!   I hope the chickens heard the news and don't go wandering off - it would not be good.
I try to warn them but all Ruby wants to do is ruffle her feathers and charge me (gotta watch my eyes) she can act a little vicious and to be quite honest the cougar would ......   nevermind.   Just hope I never have to report on something like that - even though she can be a real meanie at times!

Make sure to check out this short video when you have a moment.   Remember last week the corn was harvested - well....the birds came to check it out in swarms.   I am talkin' about thousands of birds and I bet they were here to clean up the field of all that fallen corn.   The noise was too much that morning of the video - it was like we were in some enchanted forest and the birds were after us or something.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video and do have a Funtastic Weekend....looks like Fall weather here.

oh, almost forgot ... the area for the new garden was being cleared today.   I ran right out there after the big tractor left and stepped on some thorns ....ouch!   I was told not to go there, but who listens when there is something new and exciting right in front of you?!

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