Saturday, September 17, 2011

A True Outdoor Nature Day

The day started early at 4 am as usual (the dogs start prancing around and want food) and yes, I trained them to eat at that ungodly hour, but I like getting up at 4 am....really!   I get a chance to compute, work out and shower all before the sun comes up.  This morning as I pulled open the blinds when the light finally arrived outside, I caught a glimpse of some deer out in the field.
Somewhat hard to see but it was early!
There are two here - the one behind the leaves is much bigger and I am guessing the Mom.

So this is how my outdoorsy day began ... then we drove to town and ran errands.   Going to town is becoming only a trip once or twice a week - no more daily trips to here or there, we do as much as we can in one trip.   We had decided to try our luck at some fishing when we arrived back home and guess what!   I caught the "one that got away" a couple of weeks ago!   I knew he was out there...actually there seems to be a ton of them out there.
This catfish was huge weighing in at 8-10 lbs. - we didn't officially weigh it, but he was quite large!   There's not a chance I would even consider trying to hold him for a photo shot and yes we are going to have a fish fry this coming Sunday.   I have eaten catfish before and it is very tasty so this is a test run to see if we will be eating them on a regular basis or not.
He was not easy bringing in - he hit the bait and I knew he was there....he played around with it for a few minutes and bam! I set the hook.   My biggest concern was him breaking the fishing line so I was sure not to freak out and pull too hard.   I got him to shore and screamed for hubby to come help.   This is the funny part ... hubby went to get the mail, which is a good mile away and guess what ...that's when I hooked the fish!   So he is casually walking back and I am screaming ...I got one - hurry!   Would have made a great video!
So there we go ... I GOT the one that got away!!
Patience and Persistence - two great qualities when out fishing

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  1. go you! and I don't know how you can get up at that ungodly hour! hehe

    PS that fish is so big it's a little scary!