Sunday, September 18, 2011

Road trip to see the Puppies

Soooo adorable!
We took a trip further down south to visit my daughter at college and we had the wonderful opportunity to see the new puppies that her boyfriend's dog Pearla had 3 weeks ago.   These baby puppies are beyond adorable and so tiny!   They are going to have their hands full real soon since there are 9 of them ...their eyes are open and appear blue and they are still just scooting around; not a full crawl or walk yet.  
This is only 7 of them!
They are still weaning and Mom Pearla seemed a bit tired to me (who can blame her), but my daughter says that she seems to not be as concerned about them as she was at first.   In fact, she wants to be away from them and wants her own attention.   I was a bit skeptical to start taking pictures since I wasn't sure how she would react...but she was just fine!
Pearla ... a beautiful white pitbull
My daughter and Mom Pearla
They are keeping only one baby puppy and I think it is this one.   I was somewhat confused as to who was who.   She is going to name her Bella.
My mission was to take some good photos since they will be listing them on craiglist here in Illinois so if anyone is interested, I can get you in touch with them.   
They are simply beyond adorable!

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  1. They really are so cute. I spend a lot of time (in my other life) zoning out, not working, and looking at pictures of cute puppies and kittens, that I then share with my boyfriend. Capitalism at work, baby!