Monday, September 19, 2011

Me and the Sewing Machine had a Heart to Heart

Did you ever have one of those days where you find yourself fighting with a machine?   As crazy as it may seem, you actually can get all stressed out and start fumbling and yelling and of all things...cursing at an inanimate object.   Such was my demise this morning...I awoke with a brainstorm of an idea and set to work designing it.   I needed the embroidery function on the sewing machine and it kept jamming up on me.   I keep it pretty clean but never have taken it apart and cleaned any inside pieces....this morning I felt I had no choice.   I think my reasoning was that it was clean outside so the inside must be clean also.   Not the case.......oh dear, when I opened it up and looked - we are talkin' dust and flint and thread bits galore!   No wonder it was acting up!
Doesn't that just look too complicated to mess with?
So I did my good cleaning job and thought I was good to go, but the machine had other plans and refused to work; it kept flashing the message "safety activated; check machine".   I kept responding "I checked it and cleaned it and checked it again!   
You can image ... a nice heated chat with a machine.

After several hours of fumbling around it dawned on me...the bobbin contraption, which I had removed and promised myself to replace exactly the same way, may be out of line.   Bingo!   
I clicked it into the proper alignment and everything started to hum along.   It was as if the sewing machine was saying ... there ya go... now you have me all set.   I wonder if it was smirking at me.   My biggest fear was that I would have to first of all find a repair shop or UPS it to somewhere and how long I would have to wait for its return.   I now have a true respect for my sewing machine and will make sure to clean it on a regular basis - we are both much happier and have agreed to just forget this morning like it never happened.

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