Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time to Plant Bulbs

Today was a perfect day to plant bulbs for spring blooms since it rained the last two days and the soil was workable; otherwise, the clay soil here is very similar to cement.   I brought bulbs (red tulips) from the house up North and also had a bucket of bulbs (daffodils) I dug up here which were too close to the house.
I found I had some crocus bulbs as well and after reading the article "Forcing Bulbs in Pots" from the most recent Organic Gardening magazine, I decided to give this method a try ... I had all the ingredients so why not!   I set aside the bulbs I would be using - tulips, daffodils and crocus ...
and headed out to the area across the lake to start planting the bulbs left in the buckets.   The first area I felt needed some color was in front of these huge fallen trees ... it was clear and easy to dig up.
After I was there and digging I stepped back and thought I sure hope Mr. Groundhog or Mrs. Skunk or whoever else might be living in there doesn't leap out and hiss at me!   I dug a little faster and moved along the area planting a bulb here and there.   There were some areas closer to our home that I planted also.   When I finished up I grabbed a big pot and some potting soil and followed the steps in the article for Forcing.   First I added 2 inches of the soil to the pot and planted the tulip bulbs...
Then I added another inch of soil and added the daffodil bulbs.   Notice I alternate where I plant so there isn't an issue of crowding.
After another inch of soil in went the crocus topped off with yet another inch of black dirt.   I will move them to the garage for 3-4 months.   The article recommends placing the pot in a cardboard box filled with leaves keeping the soil constantly moist.  
This is going to be so much fun watching these bulbs bloom in the middle of winter!   I best mark my calendar so I don't forget to bring them inside for blooming - definitely a show I don't want to miss!

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