Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday with Frankie 9/23

This week brought alot of rain and fog as you can see in the above picture.   The fog had cleared somewhat there but early in the morning you could barely see the lake it was so foggy!
I know I talk about Billie Jo all the time and I hardly ever mention Augie, the other big dog around here. He is a good guy and the two of us get along pretty well.   He actually alerted us last night and we finally saw a coyote.   We have heard them yelping in the night quite often but this time he or she was prancing down the drive and I almost went through the picture window when I saw it!   Looked pretty big but scrangly and thin - of course, we locked up the chickens for the night and kept watching in hopes of getting that elusive picture.
Augie is a true swimmer and loves to hop in the water daily.   He hasn't mastered swimming all the way across the lake but has given it a try once or twice.   Soon those daily swims of his will be ending as the weather cools down.

He was out and did get a lesson in composting the other day.   There are piles of grass cuttings, weeds, leaves and "stuff" piled in several spots over the property.   I like to dig through the piles every so often to see if there are any good snacks buried down below - sometimes I luck out and find a watermelon rind or half eaten piece of bread.   The pile above had been setting there for a month or so and turned into black gold <--- what composters call the end result.   Augie watched as 8-9 bucketfuls of the finished compost were shoveled out over the area where the garlic will be planted in a few weeks.

Interesting how nature works, but more interesting is how coyotes prance ... 
He was quick!

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