Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spider webs and Bees on Basil

We have Spiderwebs here ... and not just one or two!
We have a million Spiderwebs and Bees on Basil too!
I definitely need to write a song ... don't you agree?

So my morning walk around the property prompted me to ask Me a question....  What did you do this morning?  Me:  I took pictures of spiderwebs.   me:  oh sounds like fun and what did this teach you o' wise one? 
 Me:  We have TONS of spiders here!

Spiderweb Tree!
Hopefully you can see ALL the webs on this one tree overlooking the lake.
This morning was a very foggy morning so the dew hung on the webs and WOW I realized all these spiders are making webs and ..... living here!
Did I mention that is just "one" tree - we have many trees here.

They sure are Beautiful though.... 
and then there are the Bees on Basil 
I went out to pull the basil and gather the seed for planting next year and the bees were buzzing all over the remaining flowers and the seeds.
I couldn't pull it yet - let them do their thing and I will do mine when they are finished.

I did harvest beans today though ... 
I  pulled most of the Jacob Cattle's Bean plant since they are dry now.  I find this dry bean harvesting absolutely cool - all you do is leave them on the plant until they dry and then open the dry pod and there are the dry beans.


  1. Your spiderweb pictures are lovely.

    Thanks for reminding me that I really need to finish drying the basil.

  2. Thank you! Basil is just so Good...and spiderwebs well they definitely play their part :-)

  3. Totally gorgeous!!! And the pics are nice and peaceful. Love it.