Friday, October 14, 2011

Bidding Farewell Sweet Tomatoes

Frost is not far off so I decided to bring in all the tomatoes since the frost will ruin them.   Such a sad time of year for garden lovers .. the ending of the season, but never fear the planning for next year will keep our minds busy.   I have all types of ideas and visions for a thriving garden and I do have to plant the garlic starting today.   We have had rain the last 2 days and before that we took a short road trip (with all 4 dogs and 2 chickens) to our home up North ... how I survived in that home with all these animals I'll never figure out!   Glad to be home here!
I did make a final batch of homemade salsa with cilantro which is still growing strong outside.   Next year we need to can some of this so the winter months will be a bit brighter with salsa and chips.
Very easy to make - chopped tomatoes, jalapeno pepper(s), onion, garlic and cilantro.   The freshness of the garden produce is what really makes the difference ....really!
Not sure what my plans are for the remaining green tomatoes although some are starting to turn red.   I did leave these out on the porch and some critter had fun feasting on a few and leaving what he didn't want behind!
Another Apple Fest tomorrow and after that I may just be all appled out for the season.   Made more Apple butter in the crockpot and Spiced Apple Rings.  
p.s. Mom I know you love those apple rings for breakfast....wait till you try the apple butter ...wowser!!


  1. We've been so lucky to have the tomatoes out this late already! We'll have to bring them in soon, too. So sad! Grocery store tomatoes are just not the same.

  2. Wow! These pictures are beautiful. I always think about canning, but it's scary to me! The more blogs I see, though, with people's beautiful canned, fresh produce, the more tempted I am to try it.