Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grebes Visit and Garlic In

The Grebes were back to visit and I was so happy to see both of them.   The only other time I saw both together was in early Spring so I am guessing all during the summer months one of them was tending to the nest and now the babies are gone....empty nesters??

We had a garlic planting weekend - we did manage to plant a little over 600 bulbs.   Less than last year but this coming season will be my first year being here full-time and I still have alot to learn about where to plant certain things.  
When planting garlic you break apart the bulb which contains the cloves....these are the seed and each one will produce a whole garlic head.   The two new varieties pictured below are Music and Siberian...both hardnecks and oh my gosh the cloves were HUGE!   We only had 4-5 cloves per head so we won't be selling any of these next year.   It takes a few years to get the harvest going.
Music Hardneck Garlic
Siberian Hardneck Garlic
When you plant you dig down 2" and plant with the point UP and space about 6" apart.   I am leaning so much more towards the hardnecks since they are so large and tasty.   The only drawback is that they don't last as long (shelf-life) as the softneck, so we planted 2 types of softneck also to keep those varieties producing as well.
This was my unusual plant for the year - called Pumpkin on a Stick.   I was hoping the little pumpkins (which are actually a squash) would be hard so I could craft with them but at this point they are soft.   So not real sure if I will be growing these again.   They do look cool though!

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  1. Neat! 600 bulbs sounds like a TON! and those little pumpkins are super cute...they look like the heirloom tomatoes I love to snag from the farmer's market in the summer... :-)