Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Awesomeness & Dehydrating

The leaves are starting to turn colors here all week ... slowly, slowly and then all the sudden!   It is beyond gorgeous and all it needs is a perfect sunrise or sunset and it's close to heavenly.
While I was out admiring the fall beauty and capturing my pictures, I had my trusty Excalibur dehydrator hard at work drying apples.   Many years ago I purchased a smaller type dehydrator and since we loved beef jerky (and the cost at the grocery store was/is obnoxious) I started to make our own.   As I began gardening more and more I would freeze, can and soon I realized I could also dehydrate produce successfully for using at a later time.   Tomatoes are among one of my favorites from the garden to dry - they add their sweet flavor to many dishes.   Herbs, garlic, squash, peppers .... most things I have tried.
For the apples all I need do is core and slice and place in the dehydrator for several hours.
They are the perfect snack and very addicting.   I have tried sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar but prefer just leaving them as is - they are sweet enough.   

So with the marvelous aroma of apples inside and the beautiful colors outside ... I think I would have to say I had the perfect Fall day!


  1. Hi Debbie, I love the Fall photos!! Beautiful scenery. Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!