Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday with Frankie 10/7

Well this week was a whirlwind of beautiful weather hitting 80 degrees and no rain for most of the week.  I did acquire a sense of appreciation each time I looked at little Billie Jo who I am happy to report is safe and sound.   She took off last Sunday and was gone for 3 hours and the whole time we were full of worry thinking the worst had happened to her.   Coyotes are becoming more and more visual around here lately and she is vey lucky to be alive right now.   She stumbled back home after 3 hours, beaten and exhausted, and we will never know what really happened to her but hopefully she will never do that again!

The biggest project this week was deck staining and now that it's finished it looks almost brand new!   There is more outdoor work that needs to be completed before winter sets in but it will have to wait until later next week since we are gearing up for a short road trip in a few days.   We haven't had one in quite some time so hoping things go smoothly and we have fun (although I much rather stay right here)!

Pinterest has been the new buzz word around here lately and I did sneak a peek and find some cool Adorable Pets on there ... I am sure my gorgeous mug will be on there some day soon!   Here's some of what I found ..... Enjoy and have a Super Weekend!

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  1. I joined Pinterest a short while ago, but quite honestly I don't "get" it. It seems to be just virtual bulletin boards, if you will, of things we each find interesting/inspiring. I know some people spend quite a bit of time over there..but I simply don't have the time to spare. We're enjoying the same weather you described this week! Glad to hear your dog made it back home safely.