Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays Everyone!

The weather has reached the chilly stage here in Southern Illinois but not as cold as the winter days up North.  Today was probably one of the colder mornings with a heavy layer of frost and as I glanced out the window I was able to catch this fantastic photo of .... Rudolph??   How perfect on Christmas Eve!
My first selling season with an online shop has been exciting and quite a learning experience.  I have joined in a Huge After Christmas Sale that will be taking place starting the day after Christmas and running through the 31st.  Everything in the Growing Phases Farm Shop will be at 15% off during this time.  Now we develop a business plan for 2012 and formulate a plan for all the upcoming holidays - Valentine's Day is next!

I did plant some flower seeds indoors this past week even though it is very early!  Several flower seeds take a long time to germinate and grow rather slow ... lavender being one so I set them up under our grow lights and will watch for them to sprout.   Along with English Vera, I also purchased some Lavender Munstead since I read this is more fragrant.  I am also awaiting the arrival of 2 bee books I ordered from Amazon.   We have plans to start several hives and harvest honey and possibly beeswax ... another item for my new shop!
Wishing Everyone a Joyful and Relaxing Holiday weekend!

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