Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter is here

As I was sitting at the computer gazing out over the birdfeeder area this guy caught my eye.  What I found amazing was the design on his back feathers and then I had to figure out what type of bird he was!    I did my research and found this to be a the Golden Finch (male) in his winter coat....his bright yellow has faded and much more muted colors.  Yes, winter is here Mr. Finch!

And the seed catalogs have started to arrive in the mail!

These will keep me busy as I start to plan the garden ... still contemplating when to start the seeds indoors.  We are about a month ahead here so thinking next month and for sure by February.  Just last week I harvested some radish and baby lettuce (indoors for the lettuce) and enjoyed a remarkable salad.  In December no less!

I have been very busy with my Etsy shop and selling beyond what I had anticipated.  I do need to stock up and I sure have learned quite a bit ... look out next holiday season!

Along with the shop and Facebook group Handmade Circle I created, I started a blog also called Handmade Circle for more interaction with the group members.  Just today I baked this Out of the World Cookie recipe which I will be posting about tomorrow...did I say Out of the World???  I even used pecans from the local growers here .... how cool is that?!

Stop by tomorrow over at the Handmade Circle blog to check out this recipe ... Out of this world!  I sure hope everyone is Enjoying every moment of the Holiday Season!!

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